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Hello to #daytraders #cryptotraders I am Victor, I am a professional daytrader in forex and crypto, All of you professional knows you need to calculate a lot of factors like lose, profit, etc. I put my trading rules to trade win 3time and lose 1time The #profit / #loss ratio can be an overly simplistic way of looking at performance because it fails to take into account the probabilities of gains or losses for the trades. A concept called average profitability per #trade (APPT) can be more insightful. APPT is the average amount a trader can expect to win or lose per trade. APPT is the difference between a) the product of the probability of win and average win; and b) the product of the probability of loss and average loss. As an example, take 10 trades, three of which were profitable and seven were losing. The win probability, therefore, is 30% and loss probability is 70%. Further, assume that the average winning trade was $600 and the average losing trade was $300. APPT is (30% x $600) less (70% x 300), or -$30. Thus, even though the profit/loss ratio was 2:1 ($600:$300), the trading strategy is a losing one in terms of probability. By the way, I am using Elliott waves, Volume, Delta Strategy for my technical analysis apart of math calculations to Auto-trade with Moonbot. #Daytrading #cryptotrade #cryptodaytrade #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #binance #binancetrade #traderbinance #binanceexchange #Trading #Tradingcrypto #cryptotrading
How would be your Trading without EMOTION? Auto&Manaul trade Platform
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Bitcoin Technical Analysis  Elliott Wave Trading Charting Bitcoin  Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Bitcoin Technical Analysis  Elliott Wave Trading BITCOIN - BY ELLIOTT WAVE PERSPECTIVE Bitcoin Drop to 7375 LIVE  Elliot Wave Technical Analysis ... Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Advanced Elliot Wave Count Charting Bitcoin Live  Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

RSI looks like a breakout is coming soon. I set wave 3 at a standard 1.618 fib of wave 1. It could go higher. The Elliott Wave principle was created in the '30s by Ralph Nelson Elliott – an American accountant and author. However, the theory only rose in popularity in the '70s, thanks to the efforts of Robert R. Prechter and A. J. Frost. Initially, the EWT was called the Wave Principle, which is a description of human behavior. Elliott's creation was based on his extensive study of market data, with ... Hey guys Things look to be more better as we had the much needed bounce off 9700$, I think this bounce is enough to turn market around. I put up this analysis to update my Elliot wave views about bitcoin. The count look to be well detailed. Do check it out and let me know what you feel about my count. TradingView India. Bitcoin BTCUSDT technical analysis Pull-Back zone : 12190.00 to 12033.00 BTCUSDT-Binance Analisa Bitcoin, Kembali jatuh!!! Monthly Korektif flat TakTeraturGagal sudah lengkap terbentuk. Awal gelombang bearish pun sudah hadir, bahkan sudah terkonfirmasi. Daily Gelombang Impulse sudah terbentuk hingga ke gelompang-4, semua persyaratan dasar sudah terpenuhi. Secara umum gelombang-5 akan melewati awal gelombang-4 (4800). Elliott Wave Theory is very popular in technical analysis. And often has confirmation in the practice of trading. Ralph Elliott identified eight waves that are constantly repeating, of which five are trending and three are against the trend. Based on this theory, Brian Fletcher notes that Bitcoin should now grow to $ 10 K, then drop to $ 7 K. And then it will begin to move to absolute highs in ... Bitcoin cash is bearish – Elliott wave analysis Cryptos 12 minutes ago BCHUSD is bearish, now seen in a corrective wave iv, which is a triangle, and is part of a bigger impulse in wave (c) or ... TradingView India. We are doing Analysis of BTCUSDT on 4 Hour Timeframe. I have Mention Support and resistance levels on Chart Note: This is only for Educational Purpose this is not an Investment advice. Please support the setup with your likes, comments and by following on Trading View. Thanks Adil Khan Bitcoin Elliott analysis : A mighty wave 3 is about to start !!! Bitcoin / TetherUS (BINANCE:BTCUSDT) amirreza_am BINANCE:BTCUSDT Bitcoin / TetherUS. Trend Analysis Wave Analysis Technical Indicators Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) Elliott Wave BTC crypto Cryptocurrency xbt BTCUSD usdt binance. 270 views . 7. 2. trendanalysis waveanalysis indicator bitcoin elliottwaves btc crypto cryptocurrency xbt ... BINANCE:BTCUSDT Bitcoin / TetherUS. Wave Analysis Elliott Wave. 275 vizualizações. 5. 2. waveanalysis elliottwaves. Busca pelo valor 5200 zona de fibo 38%. Caso ocorra teremos a onda 2. Comentários. Postar comentário. gusmm Q vc acha referente a possibilidade q possa ser onda 3 da 5? Resposta . Gurucoin gusmm. @gusmm, vc teria uma imagem pra analisarmos essa questão? Em analises de ...

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Trading

This channel is a Bitcoin Technical Analysis Channel that focuses on utilizing the Elliot Wave Principle in cohesion with trend lines, support and resistance, RSI divergences, trade patterns ... I use Elliott Wave Technical Analysis as my trading style for this youtube channel. I also chart altcoins and highlight my trade setups and direction bias of the overall Bitcoin and crypto market. DON’T MISS OUT!! READ THE DESCRIPTION!! You can join the EXCLUSIVE ONLINE CRYPTO TRADING COMMUNITY at https://www.cryptohippoprofiteers.com #elliottwave #bitcoin #cryptotrader You can reach me ... 📈 If you open an account in BINANCE Exchange, please help this channel using our link: https://www.binance.com/?ref=25709517 📈 To trade Crypto Future Contrac... 🏆Binance Referral Link: ... Bitcoin Elliott Wave Technical Analysis - Duration: 18:22. Crypto Hippo Trading 297 views. New; 18:22. Exclusive Bitcoin Elliott Wave Secret Explained - Duration: 25 ... This channel is a Bitcoin Technical Analysis Channel that focuses on utilizing the Elliot Wave Principle in cohesion with trend lines, support and resistance, RSI divergences, trade patterns ... In this video we will be Charting Bitcoin Live using Elliot Wave Technical Analysis. I'm an elliot wave trader in the cryptocurrency markets and focus my vid...